Christmas Project 2009

For several years, we’ve drawn names to give Christmas gifts with both my family and Keri’s family. This past Christmas, someone from Keri’s family came up with the terrible fantastic idea of creating a surprise handmade gift for “our person”.

I drew Keri’s sister, and after a few weeks of making no progress, Keri suggested that I make her a bird house. ¬†After a little research, I decided to go the route of decorating a birdhouse that I bought at a hobby store nearby. ¬†Here are a few pics of my project in action:

The bad news of the story: I think they want to do hand made gifts again next Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Project 2009

  1. Kyle – you did an excellent job on the bird house. I like progress pics like this.

  2. Thanks, dude. I wasn’t sure if I would post these or not, but the pics of your gift pushed me over the edge.

  3. Kyle I thought at first about how Terrible, I mean” awesome”, the idea was at first, but then I realized how much I enjoyed doing crafty projects, and how it was quite relaxing working with my hands. Now if this becomes a tradition I don’t think I can come up with ideas every year that are totally original, but for this year I did enjoy it much. Thanks for the pics, and that is an Awesome birdhouse.

  4. Elotz13, my biggest problem was finding the time to work on the project. I ended up staying up very late for about three nights to make some progress.

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