Paper Skull Mask

Skull-head selfie.

Since I’ve been pretty useless with the kids the past two years at Halloween, dressed up like Boba Fett, my wife asked me to do something different this year. I figured I wouldn’t dress up at all until I saw this amazing paper skull mask template on one of my favorite blogs. Like the instructions say, it took about 3 hours to complete, and it’s wonderful.

I didn’t intend this to be a creepy mask, but in the dark, it’s a little terrifying. I think that I’ll probably end up making paper fox masks for Keri and I instead.

Dollhouse Project


For my daughter’s 9th birthday, we bought her a Real Good Toys dollhouse kit. Since she enjoys projects like I do, we assembled it together, and we had a blast.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pics during the first 6-8 hours of the project – dying shingles, painting each part, gluing the walls together, and and installing some wall paper. Suffice it to say that it was a beast of a project. It took over a week to complete, but she and I were both very pleased with how things turned out.

Boba Fett Scratchbuilt Jetpack

It’s been a couple of years since I built my Boba Fett suit, but over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a jetpack. There’s a reason that I put this part off – it’s an incredibly difficult part to build from scratch. But since the unpainted resin kit costs $350, I chose to make the pack out of sintra and upholstery tubing which I managed to pick up for free. Other than that, it was just the cost of Bondo, spray paint, some wooden balls, liquid mask, and a few wooden dowels.

This was my first time to do something so elaborate, but I’m very pleased with the results.



For a full writeup, see my full list of instructions on Instructables.

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Trying to Lose Weight? Three things to avoid eating at all costs.

Call it a conspiracy of the food industry, if you will, but these three items are rarely discussed when it comes to weight loss. If you’re trying to manage your weight, here are three things you need to avoid eating in order to sustain a healthy diet.



Item One: Jacks


Believe it or not, these tasty morsels can actually wreck a diet that is otherwise going well. Like chips and other snack foods, it’s hard to just eat one or two. Once you open a box, most people will impulsively finish the whole thing. Don’t put yourself in a losing situation.


Item Two: Drano


During any diet plan, there are often times you’ll begin to feel intensely thirsty and dehydrated. While your first instinct may be to dig around under the sink for this sweet libation, repeated studies have shown that the effects of this beverage are actually hazardous to your health. Don’t listen to your thirst – grab a tall glass of water instead.


Item Three: Razor Blades


Contrary to common belief, razor blades are not actually considered a whole food. Though they may be low on calories, most health experts agree that razor blades are highly processed and may be the easiest way to wreck your diet.

By avoiding these three items, you’ll be well on your way to a heathy and fulfilling food plan that will enable you to achieve your weight loss dreams.

My Visit to Israel (Part 7)

This is the seventh part in a multi-post description of my recent visit to Israel. To start from the beginning, go here.

We started off the morning with a great breakfast at the Inbal hotel, then packed up our bags and headed to Bethlehem for our final day of shooting video. Since our Jewish guide and van driver were observing Shabbat, we connected up with a Christian guide and his friend, a Muslim driver.



The Garden of Gethsemane is a heavily visited location, so we knew that we would have to capture video for that spot in a different place. This olive grove outside of Bethlehem was the perfect location for some peaceful footage.


This little boy got some candy from our thoughtful Campus Pastor, Mike Baker.


Beautiful almond tree in bloom in the middle of the olive grove.

Once shooting was done, we drove to the Shepherd’s Fields where the angels brought the message of the birth of the Messiah, Jesus, to the shepherds. Unfortunately, like many places, our large tripod bags called a little too much attention to ourselves, and we were turned out when we didn’t have express permission to shoot video in that location.


So we headed into Bethlehem, the city of Jesus’ birth, and as we scouted out a nativity-looking location, we went ahead and shot a video overlooking the city.

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My Visit to Israel (Part 6)

This is the sixth part in a multi-post description of my recent visit to Israel. To start from the beginning, go here.

The morning of our fifth day was started early so that we could get to the Garden Tomb, one possible location of Jesus’ tomb, before the rest of the public would arrive and make our video shoot impossible.

IMG_2423 IMG_2424

Up the path to the entrance to the Garden.


Inside the Garden. The entrance to the tomb is in the middle of the screen above.


Inside the tomb.


Video of setting up for a shoot at the Garden Tomb.


From the garden, we also had a view of the area that could be the location of the crucifixion – Golgotha.

Leaving the Garden Tomb, Chad Funk and myself split off from the rest of the group to visit the City of David, the oldest part of the city, and in particular Hezekiah’s tunnel.

King Hezekiah built this aqueduct, channeling water into the city, in preparation for an Assyrian attack after he refused to pay tribute. Biblical mention >>


Here I am, with a GoPro harness strapped to my chest. This was one of the things on my wish list for the trip, and I was fired up that we were able to make it work.


Standing in the area that many believe to be the ruins of David’s palace.


Another view of the palace ruins.

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My Visit to Israel (Part 5)

This is the fifth part in a multi-post description of my recent visit to Israel. To start from the beginning, go here.


Another delicious breakfast in Efrat where we stayed.

After breakfast, we headed east towards the Jordan River. On the way, we passed through the desert, and as we drove through this area, we could see Bedouins and their camels.

IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2279

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 1.49.47 AM

We passed by the modern city of Jericho as we neared the Jordan River.


This area is built up to accommodate the large number of visitors that come to this site each day. The Jordan River plays a significant part in several Bible events such as the Israelites passing over the Jordan with the Arc of the Covenant, Elijah being taken up to heaven, John the Baptist’s ministry, and the baptism of Jesus. Biblical mentions of the Jodan River >>


Setting up for a video shoot at the Jordan River. The ropes denote the border between Israel and Jordan.


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My Visit to Israel (Part 4)

This is the fourth part in a multi-post description of my recent visit to Israel. To start from the beginning, go here.


The city of Jerusalem sits between the Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. Here we are standing on the Mount of Olives and looking down on the city of Jerusalem. All the small boxes in the foreground make up a cemetery.


This valley is called the Kidron Valley, and the small strip of green in the valley on the right is Gethsemane, the garden where Jesus and his disciples were praying on the night of Jesus’ arrest. On the left of the city, the area outside the wall is where the City of David once stood.


The Campus Pastors at the Mount of Olives.

Video panorama from the Mount of Olives.

From the Mount of Olives, we went back into Jerusalem into the Muslim Quarter and the Via Dolorosa, the path which in Latin mean “Way of Sorrow”. This passageway has been held to be the path that Jesus walked with His cross before his crucifixion.

IMG_2229 IMG_2235 IMG_2236

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