Drawing Party

Every once in a while, my two oldest kids and I will sit down and have a “drawing party” together. Sometimes it’s coloring, and other times it’s freehand. Today was a freehand day, and since the sketch turned out nice enough, I decided to go ahead and ink it in. Maybe I’ll add some color digitally, like I did with the Wild Thing last year.

By the way, if you haven’t heard yet, my wife and kids are dressing up in Star Wars costumes for Halloween. I’m building my own Boba Fett costume, and I’ve become completely obsessed with the project. Maybe I’ll share a few pics sometime soon. :)


The surgery seems to have been completely successful in removing the sciatica pain that I felt going through my leg, which is wonderful news. I can happily sit in a chair again. I didn’t realize how much I missed this.

In place of the sciatica, I now have pain in my spine, but I expect that to get better every week.

My back in supposed to stay straight at all times, so no bending. Even still, I’m managing to put on my socks by myself now. I’m trying to walk a couple of miles each day, and each day some of the old-man shuffle seems to go away.

The worst thing I’m dealing with now is making transitions: laying down, rolling over in bed, and getting up from bed. These things are slow and painful, and they make me feel like my arms and legs are a mile long – getting tangled and making it very hard to keep my back straight through the process.

Oh, and sneezes. And the evil back cramps I had last night (yes, there apparently is such a thing). Shudder.

After Surgery

Today, I arrived at the hospital at 7:15 am, and after a visit from my friends Josh and Aaron, I went back for surgery at 9:30. Surgery lasted for an hour and a half. While I was in recovery, the surgeon came by to let me know that the herniation had been very large. (I’m not exactly sure why I find this particular information so encouraging, but it makes me feel tougher for some reason.)

By about 4:30, I left the hospital and arrived home. Then, I rested for about two-and-half hours in my bed.

Currently, I feel like someone hit me with a baseball bat multiple times in my back, crushing my spine. But for whatever reason, I haven’t taken any pain medication yet.

They told me that walking would help, so I’m interspersing my delicious vegetable soup dinner from friends Jeremy and Francis, with forcing myself to walk laps around our staircase in between bites. There’s a chance this might be the most pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life, so, I’m shuffling around in circles, feeling progressively less like passing out, Good times.

To all my friends who’ve lifted me up in prayer and encouraged me through this week and this day, I’m especially grateful. Thank you for loving me.