Mr. Wizard’s Microscope

microscope for all occasions

I don’t know if Mr. Wizard was into  microscopes, but I’m sure he would love this little hand-held device that I bought for my daughter’s birthday last weekend.

It’s called the Bionic Eye, and it’s made by Eye Clops.  It plugs into your TV, and it has zoom levels of 100x, 200x, and 400x.  The best part: it only costs about $30.

Below you can watch a video of me testing out the microscope.

Even if my daughter doesn’t end up playing with it much, I’m going to get hours of fun from this thing.

If you happen to know of anything that’s especially cool to look at under a microscope, please tell me about it.



I had no idea what a nebulizer was until my daughter was prescribed one for her asthma a couple of years ago.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a little machine that vaporizes medication so that it can be inhaled through a mask.  Kind of like an inhaler, only louder and much more time consuming.

Our nebulizer has become a normal part of life in the Gilbert household.

Well, yesterday, Keri called me on the phone at work to share the funniest story with me.  My nearly four-year-old daughter was doing a breathing treatment in her room, and Keri went in to check on her when she noticed that my daughter had turned it off sooner than it should have taken her to finish the treatment.

When Keri asked her why she turned off the machine, my daughter told her, “It was taking too long, so I drank the rest.”

Don’t Forget Me


Last night, as Keri and I were getting ready to go out on a date, my daughter ran up to me, and quickly drew this picture.  She said that it was a drawing of her – so we wouldn’t miss her too much while we were gone.

PS – In case you can’t tell, it’s a head with long hair, and two legs sticking out the bottom where the neck should be.  :)

Family Miniature Golf

Decided to play a round of miniature golf with the kids last weekend.  It was their first time, and it was a bit like trying to herd monkeys.  Lot’s of fun, but a little bit exhausting.

This was a pretty bizzare course, and that added to the fun.